Anaconda Sealtite Compact

This Anaconda connection set allows to upgrade our UL/CSA listed standard compact fittings (Series 712.0xx.x) to the Heavy Duty level. By ordering a compact fitting Series 712.0xx.1 plus this connection set, you get the HD approved version. The stamped ferrule from the compact fitting has to be replaced by this machined nickel plated brass ferrule and the nut is additionally marked with “HD”. The machined nickel plated brass ferrules provide a very high pull out strength and assure that the minimum required pull out value of 1556 Newton (350 lbs) according to the new Heavy Duty standard (CSA C 22.2 No. 18-3) is always guaranteed. These CSA Heavy Duty certified, “HD” marked fittings are suitable for Hazardous locations according to the Canadian Electrical Code CEC 2021.


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    • Spezifikation
      Special approvals: UL-514B and CSA C 22.2 No. 18.3 HEAVY DUTY (combined UL/CSA file # E 234207 ). Suitable for use in hazardous environments according to NEC: - Article 501.10 (B) (2) Class I, Division 2 - Article 502.10 (A) (2) and (B) (2) Class II, Division 1 and 2. - Article 503.10 (A) (3) and (B) Class III, Division 1 and 2. CSA approved HEAVY DUTY, suitable for use in hazardous environment according to CEC section 18: Zone 2 per 18- 152-1(i), Zone 20 per 18-192-3(a), Zone 21 per 18-202- 4(a), Zone 22 per 18-252-1(i).
    • Material
      Counter nut, body and ferrule are nickel plated brass. Clamping ring is made from PA6 and the O-rings are from NBR rubber (black for ISO, blue for PG and white for NPT).
    • Konstruktion
      Nickel plated brass fitting, consisting of 4 parts (counter nut, clamping ring, ferrule and body).
    • Farbe
    • Temperaturbereich
      -45 °C till +105 °C
    • Schutzklasse
      IP 67