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New products in our food grade range

We are pleased to announce our new additions to the food grade range: the Anaconda reduced diameter food grade fitting, the Anaconda food grade 90° fitting and the Anaconda food grade blindplug.

Hygiene is one of the most important factors in the food industry, because every opening, corner or other surface can become a gathering place for bacteria. Many components are included in the design of a hygienic machine, process and factory, which is why good and quick cleanability of these components is very important. If the hygiene is not optimal, bacteria can be spread throughout the entire process, which leads to very serious consequences for the owner of these machines but also for the users of food products. It is therefore very important for the food industry that the bacteria do not spread. To realize this, our food grade fittings together with our conduits are a hygienic solution and easy to clean.

The products

All the new food grade products are made of stainless steel AISI-316 and are designed for hygienic environments within the food and pharmaceutical industry. They have a high corrosion resistance and assure a perfect fit in combination with a smooth surface and rounded edges. These food grade products are easy and quick to clean; therefore, downtime of the machine, process and factory can be kept to a minimum, which in turn has a favourable influence on the “Total Cost of Ownership”.

Anaconda reduced diameter food grade fitting

The Anaconda reduced diameter food grade fitting has a smaller surface than our compact food grade fitting. It is designed for the Anaconda Sealtite in combination with a (Multi) connector, like for instance “Harting”, where the connecting diameter is limited, and the regular food grade fittings are too wide. By reducing the surface, we guarantee the optimal hygiene for solutions with a Multi connector.

 Anaconda food grade blindplug

The Anaconda food grade blindplug is designed to enclose existing gland and/or fitting connections in switchboxes, junction boxes, instrumentation panels and/or boxes in a hygienic way. For this reason, they have a smooth surface and are easy to clean and watertight.

Anaconda food grade 90° fitting

The Anaconda food grade 90° fitting has the same characteristics as the compact food grade fitting, only with a 90° curve. Whenever a straight food grade fitting is not possible or favourable, for instance if the conduit is placed nearby a closet, then the 90° fitting is the best solution. The distance of the bending area is designed in a way that leaves enough space between the conduit and the surface, so there is plenty of room to clean which again guarantees a short cleaning interval. This means less downtime for the machine and the whole process.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with innovative products. For this reason, we are constantly working on improving and innovating our products based on customer needs. Do you have a question regarding hygienic cable protection solutions? Please feel free to contact our customer service directly by phone +31 (0)20 5863586 or by e-mail

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