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Thermal Protection

Thermal protection of wiring and cabling against molten splash, sparks, intense heat radiation and open fire is a problem that the aerospace, steel and foundry, glass, automotive, ceramic and other industries face on a daily basis. Workers operating close to hot surfaces, like a steam pipe, need to be protected too to prevent injury through burning.

In this blog we will discuss our Hiprojacket Aero and Hiprojacket Industrial heat protection products and their fittings for protecting cables and wires. We will also touch upon the different industries in which these products are typically used.


Hiprojacket Thermal Protection Solutions

When it comes to thermal protection, choosing the right material to protect your cables is of the utmost importance to ensure the correct functioning of machines, equipment and processes. Downtime can have a serious impact on productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our range of Hiprojacket heat protection products are constructed of an e- glass fibre sleeve coated with a thick layer of silicone rubber and are designed to  withstand open flame, molten steel, aluminium or glass at temperatures up to 1650 °C. At elevated temperatures the silicon rubber cover transforms into a silicone oxide (SiO2) refractory layer.

Anamet Europe has two ranges of Hiprojacket sleeve available. The ‘Aero’ version, consisting of a thick braided e-glass fibre sleeve, with a layer of iron oxide silicone rubber on the outside, produced according to Aerospace standards and an ‘Industrial’ version which has an open braided e-glass fibre sleeve structure. These protective sleeves are available in a wide range of diameters, from 6mm to 127mm, and are complimented by a range of special fittings which enable quick and easy installation. Hiprojacket products are distinctive by their prominent red colour (signal effect), but are also available in other colours. Both versions can also be used to prevent heat loss, when installed over pipes and hoses.


Anamet Hiprojacket Aero

The Anamet Hiprojacket Aero offers the ultimate protection for cables and wires. It features a solid braided glass fibre sleeve coated with a thick silicone rubber cover and is manufactured according to Aerospace standard SAE AS1072 and meets the AS1055 requirements. The product provides excellent short term flame protection and temperature reduction and withstands molten splash, exposure to open flame, heat radiation and minimises energy loss in piping and hoses. It is also resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricant and fuel oils.  Hiprojacket Aero is typically used in the aerospace, steelworks, glass, ceramics and machine building industries. When installed on a hot pipe or hose system, the sleeve protects workers from burning themselves. When used  with Anamet’s specially designed fittings a first class thermal cable protection is achieved.


Anamet Hiprojacket Industrial

For less demanding applications, Hiprojacket Industrial is a good alternative to Hiprojacket Aero. This industrial grade sleeve has an open glass fibre structure coated with a thick silicon cover, a construction designed to provide good short term flame protection and temperature reduction. Like its Aero counterpart, Hiprojacket Industrial is resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and fuels and excellent protection against molten splash, occasional flame and heat radiation. It also very effective in protecting workers from burning themselves on hot surfaces and preventing energy loss in pipes and hoses.

Hiprojacket Industrial is frequently used to protect cables and industrial rubber and/or metal hoses in the glass ceramics, steel and machine building industries. A full range of special fittings are available which enable easy installation and connection.

In cases where a Hiprojacket sleeve cannot be used, such as existing installations that do not permit the use of a sleeve on a cable harness or flexible hose/rigid pipe system, Anamet’s Hiprotape and/or Hiprosil self-vulcanising tape, is a viable alternative. The tape can be simply wrapped around existing cables or hoses/pipes without having to disconnect them.


Anamet fittings for Use with Hiprojacket Sleeves

For cable protection applications, a complete program of Hiprojacket fittings are available permitting easy connection of a Hiprojacket cable assembly to a junction box etc.. These fittings have been specifically developed for use with both Hiprojacket Aero and Hiprojacket Industrial sleeves and when connected they provide an IP68 rating on the side of the junction box. The fittings are available in both nickel plated brass and stainless steel and are exclusively available from Anamet Europe or via one of our partners.



Anamet Europe continuously invests in the development of its flexible protective conduit systems in order to deliver high-quality products that correspond with the requirements of the client. We offer a complete range of heat protection products for the following industries:

1) Heavy industries, like:

– Iron and steel
– Foundries, glass and ceramics industry
– Chemical industries

2) Railway applications / vehicle constructions

3) Specialist machine building

4) In every environment where hoses, cables and wires are exposed to extreme heat, splash, liquid metal and open fire.


Customer oriented

In addition to the ‘standard’ offering of heat protection products, Anamet Europe also has the ability to create and realise customer-specific solutions. This means that you will always able to find the product you require for your particular application. We are happy to think along with you to create a solution that best meets your requirements. You can get in touch with our sales department through our website: or call (+31) 020-5863586.

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