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Flexible conduit fittings

A combination of our Anaconda flexible conduits with a Anaconda conduit fitting creates the perfect solution for almost any kind of situation where cables are exposed to different types of influences, such as water, chemicals or even extreme temperatures. Our solution always offers the best protection needed.

Flexible conduit fittings

Our different types of flexible conduits can offer great protection of electrical cables and wires, but with our fittings it provides an even more durable and liquid tight protection for cabling in a variety of applications. Whether this is a junction box, a bogie, a motor or a sensor adapter, we have the right product for you.

Flexible conduit fittings for many purposes

At Anamet Europe we cater to a lot of different industries and branches that have specific requirements for their applications and processes. That is why we have developed a lot of different types of flexible conduit, but also a lot of fittings.  

With our swivel fittings you create a secure connection that makes it still possible for the conduit to move around, which makes it easy to install as well. And besides our straight fittings we also have fittings with a 45° and 90° angle. But we also have fittings that can offer that bit of protection that is needed. For instance our ATEX certified fittings that can be used in hazardous areas, or our hygienic fittings that are specially designed with rounded corners to minimize the risk of bacteria accumulation.  

A unique product that Anamet Europe has developed is the Anaflex-Click fittings. This solution is easy to mount and install since there is no need for disassembly. 

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Custom made solutions for you

With our many years of experience and our own in-house engineers and experts, we pride ourselves in always being able to deliver the right solution. And if we don’t have what is needed, we can create a tailor made solution. That is how we can be sure that you will always have the right product, thus the right protection and connection for your application.  

Whether you need to protect cables from extreme temperatures, or cables and wires are exposed to chemicals, Anamet Europe has a wide variety of products with specific protection classes fit for any environment. For example, our hygienic fittings are designed with rounded corners to minimize the risk of bacteria accumulation. Together with one of our Anaconda Sealtite flexible metal conduits with a thick smooth cover it will make the whole installation easy to (keep) clean.

Flexible conduit fittings for any industry

As mentioned earlier, we cater to a lot of different industries. We are very proud to be working together worldwide with organizations in the power and energy, oil and gas, food and pharma, rail and infrastructure, steel and foundry, factory automation, marine and defense and OEM machine building. Do you want to see our products for all those markets? Select the desired option per market here.

We can help processes and applications in a small factory or a big power plant. But also oil rigs that are situated far out on sea, airports on the outskirts of big cities or high speed trains that go over mountains. Our products offer protection against environmental influences, such as sub zero temperatures or very high temperatures, but also against molten metal splashes or chemicals.

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All our standard products can be found in our general catalogue or, for the transport of liquids and gases, in our industrial catalogue

And if you need some advice on what product will suit your wishes best, or even if you need a custom made solution, you can contact our representatives via phone on +31 (0)20 586 35 86 or via email at We also have some representatives in the field that might be able to visit the location for an even better advice. Get in touch with our area sales manager near you.

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