PA12H-LFH black

Ana-Quick PA12H-LFH Black

Type PA12H-LFH is an extra heavy polyamide PA12 conduit for high mechanical strength. The PA12H-LFH is applicable for heavy circumstances and for frequent movements. Due to the good flame properties and excellent mechanical characteristics, the PA12H-LFH is particulary suitable for external static and dynamic applications on railway vehicles.

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    • Spezifikation
      Flame properties: Self-extinguishing UL-94 V2. Special approvals, flame properties according to:- EN 45545-2:R22 (interior equipment) class HL1 and HL2.R23 (exterior equipment) class HL1, HL2 and HL3. Resistant against: Alcohol, grease, fuels, mineral oils, weak bases and weak acids.
    • Konstruktion
      Corrugated conduit from modified polyamide PA12, UV resistant, halogen free.
    • Temperaturbereich
      -50 ºC till +100 ºC
    • Farbe