Anaconda Multiflex UI-CAP Slim Design

The nickel plated brass Anaconda “small design” fittings for Sealtite illustrated in chapter 5 of our catalogue can be used also in combination with UI-CAP conduits in sizes 6 and 9,5, by replacing the standard polyamide clamping ring and the ferrule with the metal connection set adapters mentioned below. The fittings offer high corrosion protection in combination with a very nice appearance. Thanks to the sharp thread of the turned ferrule a very high pull-out strength is achieved Next to the mentioned straight fittings, custom made solutions are also possible. The connection set must be ordered separately.

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    • Material
      Counter nut, clamping ring, ferrule and body are nickel plated brass
    • Konstruktion
      Nickel plated brass fitting, consisting of 4 parts (counter nut, clamping ring, ferrule and body)
    • Farbe
    • Temperaturbereich
      -55 °C till +260 °C
    • Schutzklasse
      IP 40