74292092 fg 90

Anaconda Sealtite Food Grade Compact

Anaconda 90° compact hygienic design, stainless steel AISI-316 food fittings can be used with all types of Anaconda Sealtite conduits (except CNP). These stainless steel compact food fittings are designed with rounded corners and have a smooth contourless profile to minimise the risk of bacteria deposits and to promote easy cleaning. They display excellent resistance to corrosion. The fitting is UL/CSA approved for projects outside Europe.

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    • Material
      Stainless steel AISI-316 and the ferrule is from nickel plated brass. The flat gasket is made of special FDA approved PTFE. The blue rubber upper seal and clamping ring are made of TPE in accordance with FDA / CFR 21.
    • Konstruktion
      Stainless steel AISI-316 fitting, consisting of 7 parts (counter nut, upper seal, clamping ring, ferrule, 90° body, flat gasket and locknut).
    • Farbe
    • Temperaturbereich
      -45 °C till +105 °C
    • Schutzklasse
      IP 68 / IP 69
    • Thread type