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Cable protection for a high return on investment

For cows to have a high milk yield it is essential that they are happy and calm. Happy cows provide high quality milk which is beneficial for the farmer. This is why ‘cow cleaning machines’ exist in the agricultural market.

Contributing to the animal’s welfare

Cows need to scour and scrape. This is how they clean themselves and rid themselves of parasites, lichens and mites. Brushing stimulates and encourages blood circulation. The use of a cow cleaning machine or cattle brush is a major contribution to the cow’s welfare and is therefore essential for a high milk yield.

For the machine to sense when the animal is touching the machine in order to be cleaned cables are applied from the junction box to the sensor. The sensors ‘senses’ when a cow touches the machine, when the animal does, the brushes need to start moving. The brushes are powered by a motor. The cable connecting the control cabinet to the motor is protected, as the right cable protection is important for these machines to run smoothly. This way downtime is diminished and the cows can use the machines at all times, which ensures the highest return on investment for the farmer.

The solution

This is where Anamet Europe comes in, as an expert in the field of cable protection they provided the perfect solution for these cow cleaning machines. After discussing the specific demands with the client Anamet Europe decided on the following products:

Because the cable is stationary, Anamet Europe advices the use of our NMUA cable. The NMUA is the universal applicable all plastic Sealtite conduit. The lead-free PVC-cover is perfect for applications where no high demands or extreme circumstances will influence the conduit. For this reason, type NMUA is used in the machine and apparatus industry, train-warning-systems, and the food industry. Type NMUA is particularly used where an UL/CSA approval is demanded.

On the junction box we were able to use a straight compact fitting and on the frame a cable-hose-fitting was applied.

The implementation of this products proved to be successful and Anamet hopes to contribute to the welfare of many more happy cows!

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