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Anamet Europe in India

At Anamet Europe we pride ourselves in being able to create solutions for applications worldwide, including India. We cater to a lot of different industries and markets and we can offer our products in a wide variety of sizes, protections classes and even colors.

Popular products in India

  • NPT cable gland, male, stainless steel AISI-316

    Anaconda stainless steel AISI-316 cable glands contain two clamping seals, one with a larger diameter seal into which a smaller diameter seal fits.


    Type HTUA is UL approved , but also CSA HEAVY DUTY approved, making HTUA suitable for use in hazardous locations per NEC and CEC.

  • ISO cable gland, male, stainless steel AISI-316

    The cable glands are UL / CSA approved for export outside Europe and have an extra robust counter nut, as well as an increased clamping strength.

  • Anaflex

    Anaflex from Anamet Europe is the perfect flexible solution for HVAC installations. The ideal solution for a great number of applications.

    Our products

    We offer a wide variety of flexible piping, conduits, fittings, cable gland sizes and types and many other accessoires for almost any kind of application. Our Anaconda conduits and fittings have three different categories: Anaconda Multiflex, Anaconda Multitite and Anaconda Sealtite. Depending on the kind of protection that you need, you can find the right solution.

    Our markets

    Our most common markets are train, infrastructure, machinery, steel, pharma, chemical, oil and gas, but because we can offer different conduits and also different cable gland sizes, cable gland types and fittings, our products can be used for almost anything. If you are searching for the right fit, please feel free to reach out to us for a personalized advice or even a custom made product.

    Our company

    With over 75 years of experience, we provide and create solutions for almost any kind of industry where cable protection is needed. Most of the clients we work with have a specific request or are in need of a specific solution. That is where our in-house engineers and our area sales managers can provide with advice but also with the best product for your situation.

    Get in touch with our representatives

    Vivek B Deshmukh
    Area Sales Manager Western-India
    Bikram Mandal
    Area Sales Manager East and North India

    Anamet Europe B.V.
    Galwin 5
    NL-1046 AW Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

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