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Anamet Europe flexible anti-bending system

Anamet Europe is the manufacturer of flexible conduit systems. We supply conduit systems all over the world for different applications, and provide solutions for all kind of challenges in various industries.

A cable can be exposed to chemical, mechanical, thermal and even electrical influences that might negatively impact the cable. Flexible conduit systems are meant to protect cables from these influences. This is why Anamet Europe develops cable protection systems, protecting cables against harsh environments will ensure the entire system, equipment or process is durable and reliable.

Glass fibre cables – size matters

For many years Anamet Europe primarily focused on the protection of cables constructed with copper strains or other kinds of metal. Now flexible conduit systems are used for different kinds of cable as well. This is the fibre optic cable or wire, or multi-core cables that are also constructed with strains of glass fibres.

Glass fibre optic cables are used for quickly getting data across over long distances. Getting data across combined  with the worldwide increasing demand for high speed internet as well as more internet connections requires more and better glass fibre optics. Glass fibre optics cables are light and thin and therefor easy to use in applications like Rail or in applications where size does matter and in this case smaller is better. You will find glass fibre optics applications in data storage projects and in infra projects like in the Rail industry.

In addition special multi-core cables are increasingly applied where power, instrumentation and data functions are combined in one cable. Industries where you can find special multi-core optic cable are for example renewable industries, like wind power turbines and solar applications; Food and Beverage and hygienic applications; but also  energy and power plant applications in both the on- and off-shore industry.

Any where fast data transportation is needed you will find glass fibre optics applications. A great example of this is the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT).

Vulnerable cables

Fibre optics, especially glass fibre optics, are very vulnerable. This type of cable does not like to bend (too much). Too much bending will break the glass fibre strains in the cable. This makes the cable unreliable and will result in a loss of important data, making the entire system unreliable or even not functioning at all. To prevent overbending and breaking of the glass fibres in the cable, the cable itself is limited in his bending radius. It is thus very important to follow up the bending radius mentioned in the specification that is provided by the cable manufacturer. To help you maintain the bending radius of the cable according to the manufacturers specification Anamet Europe has developed flexible anti-bending systems.

Flexible anti-bending systems.

We develop flexible anti-bending solutions that will keep the cable from overbending and therefor protect the fibre optics from breaking, keeping your data save and reliable, resulting in less downtime and costly maintenance.

Overbending is not something that you only find in glass fibre optic cables, as tubing and hoses do not like to bend (too much) either. When overbending they will kink and this may result in leakage of the tubing or hose. Again this will result in a bad functioning hose/tube which increases the need for maintenance and downtime.

Complete system

Hoses and tubing can be found in both air and liquid applications, like filling machinery in the food hygienic industry and heavy duty applications like loaders and public transportation. By developing a complete system that includes an flexible anti-bending conduit and fitting or cable hose fitting Anamet Europe provides its customers with a complete system that is able to deal with the bending radius according to the cable manufacturers specifications.

In this way Anamet Europe ensures vulnerable glass fibre optic applications are protected and connected making the full process reliable and durable.

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