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Special “one fits all” solution for cable protection in the steel & foundry industry

Anamet Europe has two divisions that enable us to create multiple solutions for many types of  industry. The synergy between those divisions, Electrical conduits for the protection of wiring and Industrial hoses for the transfer of fluids and gases, provides us with the expertise and tools to quickly develop solutions to customer-specific requirements. In this article we will discuss a case of a customer, who is a well-known OEM in the steel & foundry industry and who is in the process of building a continuous casting production facility.

For the cabling of the mould, the customer was looking for a conduit offering both heat and mechanical protection as well as being able to transport compressed air at the same time. The reason why the hose had to be pressurised with compressed air was to prevent dirt particles from being sucked into the hose. In addition, the customer required a conduit with a thin-walled construction due to the limited space of the build-in situation. A lot of factors and requirements this had to be taken into consideration.

The conduit best suited to meet the above challenges is Anaflex as it is a pressure tight, thin walled corrugated metal hose made of high-quality AISI-316L stainless-steel which can easily be bent into the desired shape directly during installation. This conduit, in combination with our hand mountable Anaflex-Click fitting, achieves IP69 and is furthermore capable of transporting liquids and gases up to a certain pressure, depending on the application.

Given the ambient temperature of max. 200°C and a temperature of the medium (air) of max. 40°C, we were able to guarantee a maximum air pressure of 6 bar in this application. So far the requirement for compressed air inside the conduit.

Our Anaflex conduits with Anaflex-Click fittings
Anaflex conduits with Anaflex-Click fittings wrapped with Hiprosiltape

To protect against contact heat in the form of liquid metal splashes which could damage the thin walled corrugated hose, and considering the maximum outer diameter of 20mm for a ½ » hose, we decided to wrap the corrugated hose with 2 layers of our Hiprosiltape. This tape is made of high temperature resistant, self-fusing silicone rubber. To make sure there was sufficient passage for the cables, we also needed to drill out the fitting.

On the wide side of the mould there was a similar application but we needed to adjust the end-connections by applying flanged connections. We had the fixed flange and swivel flange machined  according to the customer’s request and TIG-welded them onto an Anaflex kind of stainless-steel metal hose, however with greater wall thickness. The greater wall thickness was required for welding purposes of the flanges. Another requirement was to stay below a maximum outer diameter of 24mm which we could fulfill .

The end result was a tailor-made solution that could only be achieved through the collaboration of  Anamet’s  Industrial & Electrical  divisions – of course with the  customer.

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