Read up about relevant and important topics in the field of hoses and connectors for the protection of electrical cables and transportation of liquids and gases.


Anamet Europe flexible anti-bending system

Anamet Europe is the manufacturer of flexible conduit systems. We supply conduit systems all over the world for different applications, and provide solutions for all kind of challenges in various industries.


Connecting and protecting vulnerable cable on Camera and Dome systems in hazardous environments

Camera and dome video surveillance systems are a part of our everyday lives. It could be argued that they are unmissable in the fight against crime and contribute to increased security and safety or conversely Big Brother really is watching us. They are ubiquitous and are found in our homes, on streets, highways, railway stations, trains, museums, cinemas, hospitals and numerous other public places.


Food grade products for a hygienic production process

Hygienic design in the Food & Beverage Industry is essential in all areas of a plant including all stages of the production process. The use of the right materials like stainless steel and specially designed seals and connectors are necessary to limit the possibility of dirt pockets and microbes settling on the materials and being dispersed during clean down. Machines and equipment must be designed using the right materials and in a way that they are easy to access and clean. Although the importance of hygiene in the F&B Industry may seem evident, sometimes situations occur which result in food products having to be recalled from the market. It goes without saying that this is an undesirable situation from a hygienic point of view and has to be avoided at all costs.


Thermal Protection

Thermal protection of wiring and cabling against molten splash, sparks, intense heat radiation and open fire is a problem that the aerospace, steel and foundry, glass, automotive, ceramic and other industries face on a daily basis. Workers operating close to hot surfaces, like a steam pipe, need to be protected too to prevent injury through burning.


In this blog we will discuss our Hiprojacket Aero and Hiprojacket Industrial heat protection products and their fittings for protecting cables and wires. We will also touch upon the different industries in which these products are typically used.


IP Rating Explained

When choosing the correct protection for your cable trajectory (cables and fittings) it is important to choose protection that has the right Ingress Protection (IP) rating. You want the IP rating of the cable trajectory to match the required IP rating of your electrical equipment, system or process.


Which cable protection system is best suited for you?

In many industrial applications, cables are often exposed to very demanding operating conditions. When cables are no longer able to perform their task, they have to be replaced. This can be time consuming and costly. A cable protection system can offer a sustainable, durable and cost effective solution to this problem. 


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